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Today we will discuss the legendry boxer of decades who is mainly known as Berto. The original name of Berto is Andre Michael Berto, and he is a professional boxer who is a citizen of both America as well as Haitian. From the time he has stepped into the field of boxing, he has earned huge fame, which has made him capable of earning a great height of success. You will be amazed to know that there is an endless number of records and achievements listed under his name. Now you would surely be interested in getting more detailed knowledge about the personal life and other aspects related to his life which can be easily explored by going through these keys.

Early life

Berto was born on September 7, 1983, in the Winter Haven of Florida, United States. He was born to parents who had seven children. The family of Berto was an immigrant of Haitian and spent their entire childhood in the Winter Haven of Florida. Various family members have given their best in combat sports. At present, his sister Revelina and one brother James are professional mixed martial artists.

 From the early days, he was not interested in the studies and wanted to achieve a huge in boxing. The father of Berto was also a retired professional kickboxer who was very popular during his time. He was beaten up by his classmates regularly, which is why his father made him introduced to boxing. And the best part is that he made his mindset of considering boxing in life is only a measure to prevent the occurrence of troubles.

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Career beginnings

Berto commenced his career when he was an amateur and made his first achievement by bringing a bronze medal in the Boxing World championship 2003. After making a spot in this championship, he also defeated Andre Dirrell and Timothy Bradley, who are world title challengers and three-weight world champions at present times.

2004 was a great year for him as he passed a trial and got qualified for the US Olympic boxing squad. But he was not able to sustain in Olympics for a long time due to getting disqualified for throwing Juan McPherson to canvas. It was the mistake of Mcpherson who bumped into him, but it was foul, which disqualified him from the game. It was only the Olympics that made him earned the citizenship of Haitian as he joined the Haiti team when he was disqualified from the American team.

After this, Berto was able to achieve great recognition as a boxer, participated in plenty of games, and won most of them.

Personal life

Berto has never got ready to reveal his personal life in public. The sources revealed that he was in a relationship with well-known singer Porsha Nicole. They were expected to have a baby girl, which is not yet confirmed. The simple thing is that there is no precise and confirmed idea about any personal matter.

Net worth

The estimated net worth of Berto is reported approx. $25 million at present.

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