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Chester Bennington Net worth

Here we will discuss one of the most talented musicians of the generations. Yes, we will discuss the fantastic personality Chester Bennington who belongs to America. The world has recognized this artist as the best vocalist and songwriter; he had an outstanding contribution to a fantastic success record of Linkin Park. He has faced a lot of incidents in his entire life, and you will get a full-fledged idea about his life from below mentioned keys.

Early life

The very popular Chester was born in the Pheonix region of Arizona on March 21, 1976. Both parents were working as his mother was serving as a nurse, whereas the father was a detective in the police department. He got an idea about the interest in music from his childhood times. The Stone temple pilots were his main inspiration who influenced him to continue his music practice.

He was having a very disappointing childhood as he faced severe sexual harassment from one of his male friends when he was just seven years old. He was raised by his father as his parents got separated at the age of eleven. The sources revealed that he was severely impacted by these incidents and started the consumption of drugs. His mother supported him to get rid of drug abuse.

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Career beginning

The very first song which begins the music career of Bennington happened with the band named Sean Dowdell. Then he launched a track cassette with his friends in the year 1993. Then he formed a band called grey daze and launched two albums but decided to leave the band when he was not finding it fascinating. Things changed when he was selected by Jeff Blue, who was vice president of Zomba music at Los Angeles.

The life-changing moment occurred when Chester got a chance to give an audition with Linkin Park. He got a positive response from the audition but did not attain the popularity which was expected of him. in 2000; the band released an album with Linkin Park, which was entitled “Hybrid Theory”. There was a contribution of Chester in composing the lyrics of the tracks. The band got a great response as the albums were top-rated among a wide range of audiences. you will be surprised to know that album was also categorized in the diamond category by RIAA. This admired him for launching more albums, and he entered with two new albums in the years 2003 and 2005.

Personal life

 In 1996, Bennington got married to Samantha Marie Oil. They both faced a lot of disturbance in their marriage life and got separated in 2005. Then Chester decided to marry the playboy girl Talinda Ann Bentley 2006. They both faced serious harassment and got relief when the stalker was sentenced to 2 years. The life of Chester change when he quit smoking in 2011 because he was having a tag of a drug addict from his teenage.

Net worth

The net worth of Chester is estimated at $30 million. The unfortunate incident happened when he committed suicide in 2017.

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