Jan-Michael Vincent Net Worth

He was popularly known as Jan-Michael Vincent. He was born on the year 15th February 1944. By profession, he worked as an actor in many movies. He became more popular by playing the role of Stringfellow Hawke, who was a pilot in the series Airwolf. Thewasaired in the year 1984-1987. He had also done many movies and series.

Early Life

He had taken birth in the Dr, Colorado. HHis father was a U.S army militant and, his father’s name was Lloyd Vincent and, his mother’s name was Doris Jane. His paternal and maternal families were involved in the drastic incidents. His uncles were arrested in the case of robbery. This made Jane alone in this whole world. Jane’s parents have a love marriage; they met during their teens. Jane also has a sister whose name is Jacqueline; she was born in the year 1947. Jane accompanied the schooling from the Hanford High The world. He had completed his college at Ventura College. In the starting, he assisted in California Army, and he was there and served in The National Guard Reserve till 1971.


He got his first job in 1967. This was a job that made him more famous among the people. He got an acting career for the FILM, whose name was THE BANDITS. This was directed and coco-directed by Robert Conrad. He also did a television show called THE HARDY BOYS: THE MYSTERY OF THE CHINESE JUNK, released in1967. Slowly and steadily, he also gained fandom by working in the Universal studio. Then her face was his identity. He was people’s Man. He worked in many television shows. He was shown in the episode which is called Dragnet 1968. He had worked with many big productions, such as 20th Century Fox. Under this production house, he had worked for many big films such as The Undefeated, in which his co-actors were John Wayne, Rock Hudson, Antonio Aguilar. He also made many guest appearances in many television shows such as Bonanza, Lassie, and many more, and he had gained much applause for his role in the movie, whose name was Tribes. The last show of his was Nash bridges, in which he played the role of Bobby Chase.

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Personal Life

Jane was married but not to a single person. First, he married Bonnie Portman in the year 1968. From this, he had a daughter whose name was Amber Springbird Vincent in the year 1972. But they got separated in the year 1977, on the day 2nd January. Then he married for the 2nd time Joanne Robinson but also left him, and she accused him of abusing her and not treating her well. Their marriage ended in the year1998. After all these accusations against him, he made himself an alcoholic and a druggist. He was arrested for the consumption of drugs. He had gone to jail several times for drinking and driving cases. In 2000, his girlfriend accused him of abusing her, which caused a miscarriage of their child. In the year February 10th, he died due to cardiac arrest.

Net Worth

Jane had a net worth of $200thousand. He had earned it through his films, television shows, and series.

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