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Rakim, also known as William Michael Griffin Jr. He was born in 1968 on the 28th of January. Popularly, he is known as Rakim. In the rapping world, he is known as the most influential person and most qualified MCs. Be worked under various labels such as 4th&Bway, Island, MCA, AFTERMATH. He had taken the hip and rapped into the high level. He is considered as the one Who brought the changes in the MC technique. Rakim is regarded as the one who created the word “flow” in the rap song.

Early Life

Rakim has the genetics of singing through his uncle R&B singer. He is also the nephew of the actress Ruth Brown. At a very early age of his life, he started writing different lyrics. First, he wrote about the MICKY MOUSE (who is the famous cartoon character). , In the beginning, he didn’t want to be a singer; he was always interested in working for the football team and wanted to play for them. He had played football in his school time. When he met with DJ Eric B, he started taking an interest in writing and composing lyrics. He was more focused on writing songs rather than singing. In his childhood, he was known as KID WIZARD. His recording was the first when he was in the Wyandanch High School. He was more interested in Islam, so he changed his name to Rakim Allah, where he had put his name to Rakim.


Before they were about to separate, they had released four albums together in the year1985. Eric B and Rakim duo described in the news channels as fantastic duos that could create a world for rap music. They are known as the Most influential MC combo in the contemporary pop music period. Their duo is ranked as No four globally for the most incredible hip-hop duo in the world. For his success, his friend’s involvement had played a crucial role. One of his friends gave him his room. They used his room as their room studio. Rakim released his first single album, which was known as MY MELODY, in the year 1986. Rakim’s singles songs were more hit than the duo with Eric B. Rakim and Eric B reunited and worked together. They released their third album together, which is known as Let the Rhythm Hit Em. And after some time, they released their fourth and final album with Eric B. Don’t sweat the technique.

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Personal Life

Rakim was born into an American family. He is the nephew of the Singer Ruth Brown. He was a Catholic but changed. He started to follow the Islamic culture and believe in Allah, and he changed his name to Rakim Allah. At a very tender age, 16, he changes his belief.

Net Worth

The net worth of Rakim is around $5 million to $6million. He had earned through his rapping world as he is considered a good of the rap world.

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