Robert Griffin III, a former American professional football player, has made a name for himself as a prominent figure in the NFL. With a net worth estimated at $16 million, Griffin’s success on the field is evident.

Despite facing challenges and injuries throughout his career, including being drafted as the second overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft by the Washington Redskins, Griffin’s achievements have solidified his status as a respected figure in the world of professional football. One of Griffin’s notable accomplishments was leading his team to a division title in his rookie year. This achievement showcased his talent and potential, earning him recognition and respect from his peers and fans alike.

Throughout his career, Griffin faced numerous setbacks, including injuries that hindered his performance on the field. However, his determination and resilience allowed him to overcome these obstacles and continue to make an impact in the NFL. Overall, Robert Griffin III’s contributions to the sport, his achievements, and his ability to persevere through challenges have established him as a respected and influential figure in the NFL.

Early Life and Football Beginnings

Robert Griffin III’s early life and football beginnings shaped his path to becoming a successful professional athlete. Born in Okinawa, Japan in 1990, Griffin later moved to the United States. He attended Copperas Cove High School in Texas, where he excelled not only in football but also in basketball and track. In fact, Griffin broke state records in track for the 110-meter and 300-meter hurdles.

Griffin’s athletic abilities and accomplishments in high school caught the attention of college recruiters. At the age of 17, he started attending Baylor University, where he continued to excel in both track and football. In his final season at Baylor, Griffin won the Heisman Trophy, the highest honor in college football. He graduated with a BA in political science.

Griffin’s success at Baylor led to him being selected by the Washington Redskins with the second overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. He had a remarkable debut season as a starting quarterback, earning several awards and leading the team to the playoffs. Griffin set a record for the highest passer rating by a rookie quarterback. These early accomplishments set the stage for Griffin’s professional career and established him as a talented and promising athlete in the football world.

College Career and Heisman Trophy Win

Continuing his impressive athletic journey, Griffin’s college career at Baylor University culminated in a triumphant Heisman Trophy win. During his time at Baylor, Griffin excelled in both track and football. He showcased his exceptional talent and athleticism, earning him recognition as one of the top college quarterbacks in the nation.

In his final season at Baylor, Griffin had a standout performance, leading the team to a 10-3 record and earning the prestigious Heisman Trophy. This award is given annually to the most outstanding player in college football. Griffin’s dynamic playing style and ability to make big plays both with his arm and his legs made him a deserving winner of this prestigious honor.

Griffin’s Heisman Trophy win solidified his position as a notable figure in college football and propelled him to national recognition. It also served as a testament to his dedication and hard work throughout his college career. His success at Baylor set the stage for his future in the NFL, where he would continue to make a name for himself as a talented and dynamic quarterback.

Draft Day and Rookie Contract

After his triumphant Heisman Trophy win, Griffin’s success in college football led to a pivotal moment in his career on Draft Day, where he secured a rookie contract with the Washington Redskins. In the 2012 NFL Draft, Griffin was selected as the second overall pick by the Redskins. This selection was a testament to his exceptional talent and potential as a quarterback.

The rookie contract he signed with the team was worth a reported $21.1 million over four years, with a signing bonus of $13.8 million. The contract also included performance-based incentives that could have increased its value. This lucrative deal reflected the high expectations placed on Griffin as a highly touted prospect.

It was a significant milestone in his career, as it not only provided financial security but also marked the beginning of his professional journey in the NFL. Griffin’s Draft Day and rookie contract set the stage for his debut season with the Redskins, where he would go on to have a remarkable rookie campaign and establish himself as one of the league’s most exciting young quarterbacks.

NFL Career and Salary Breakdown

Griffin’s NFL career and salary breakdown provides insight into his earnings and accomplishments as a professional football player. Throughout his career, Griffin earned a total of $33 million in salary from his various teams. His highest salary came during his time with the Washington Redskins, where he signed a four-year rookie contract worth $21.1 million, including a $13.8 million signing bonus.

In his rookie season with the Redskins, Griffin had a stellar performance, leading the team to a division title and setting a record for the highest passer rating by a rookie quarterback. However, subsequent seasons were marred by injuries and challenges, which affected his overall performance. He was eventually released by the Redskins in 2016.

Following his departure from Washington, Griffin signed a two-year contract with the Cleveland Browns in 2016. However, injuries limited his playing time, and he was released by the Browns after two seasons. He then joined the Baltimore Ravens as a backup quarterback, where he faced further injuries before being waived in January 2021.

While Griffin’s NFL career had its ups and downs, his salary earnings and achievements as a professional football player highlight his talent and dedication to the sport.

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Endorsement Deals and Brand Partnerships

Griffin’s successful career in the NFL and his status as a notable figure in professional football led to numerous lucrative endorsement deals and brand partnerships. Throughout his career, Griffin has been able to secure partnerships with several well-known brands, enhancing his net worth.

One of his most notable endorsements was with Adidas, which reportedly earned him a significant amount of money. Griffin also had partnerships with companies such as Nissan, Subway, and EA Sports. These endorsements not only provided him with additional income but also increased his visibility and marketability as a player.

Griffin’s appeal as a dynamic and talented quarterback, coupled with his charismatic personality, made him an attractive choice for brands looking to reach a wide audience. His endorsement deals and brand partnerships have undoubtedly contributed to his overall net worth and solidified his status as a successful and influential figure in the world of professional football.

Business Ventures and Investments

With his success and financial stability, Robert Griffin III has expanded his portfolio through various business ventures and investments. Griffin has shown a keen interest in entrepreneurship and has used his platform and wealth to explore different business opportunities.

One notable business venture he embarked on was the launch of his own clothing line, aptly named ‘RG3.’ The clothing line features a range of athletic apparel and accessories, catering to both men and women. Additionally, Griffin has invested in real estate, acquiring properties in strategic locations. He recognizes the importance of diversifying his investments and has also explored opportunities in the tech industry, investing in promising startups.

Griffin’s business ventures and investments not only serve as additional sources of income but also allow him to explore his interests outside of football. With his financial acumen and entrepreneurial spirit, Griffin continues to seek new opportunities to grow his wealth and leave a lasting impact beyond the football field.

Financial Impact of Injuries and Setbacks

The financial impact of injuries and setbacks on Robert Griffin III’s net worth has been significant throughout his football career. Griffin has faced numerous injuries that have hindered his performance on the field and affected his earning potential. Injuries such as a shoulder injury during his time with the Cleveland Browns and a fractured thumb and left hamstring injury during his tenure with the Baltimore Ravens have resulted in missed games and limited playing time.

These setbacks not only impacted his ability to earn a salary but also affected his market value as a player. Additionally, Griffin’s release from the Washington Redskins in 2016 further disrupted his career trajectory and financial stability.

Despite these setbacks, Griffin has managed to maintain a net worth of approximately $16 million through his endorsements and business ventures. However, it is evident that injuries and setbacks have had a significant financial impact on his overall net worth and potential earnings in the football industry.

Off-Field Ventures and Entrepreneurship

Robert Griffin III has ventured into various off-field endeavors and entrepreneurship, expanding his professional portfolio beyond his football career. In addition to his role as a football analyst for ESPN, Griffin has shown a strong interest in business and entrepreneurship.

He has launched his own clothing line called ‘RG3’ and has also invested in several business ventures. Griffin has shown a passion for technology and has invested in various tech startups, including a virtual reality company. He has also been involved in philanthropy, using his platform and resources to make a positive impact in the community. Griffin has established the ‘Family of 3 Foundation,’ which aims to empower and support underserved youth through education and athletics.

His off-field ventures and entrepreneurial endeavors demonstrate his drive and ambition beyond the football field, and contribute to his overall net worth. Through these ventures, Griffin continues to build his professional legacy and leave a lasting impact beyond his playing career.

Philanthropy and Charitable Contributions

Griffin’s philanthropic efforts have made a significant impact in various communities. Throughout his career, he has been actively involved in charitable endeavors, using his platform and resources to give back and make a difference. One of his notable contributions is his work with the Wounded Warrior Project, an organization that supports wounded veterans and provides them with necessary resources and assistance. Griffin has participated in fundraising events and initiatives, using his influence to raise awareness and funds for this important cause.

In addition to his involvement with the Wounded Warrior Project, Griffin has also been a strong advocate for education and youth empowerment. He has partnered with organizations such as Boys & Girls Clubs of America and the United Way, supporting initiatives that provide educational opportunities and mentorship to underprivileged children. Griffin has made personal donations to scholarships and educational programs, aiming to create a positive and lasting impact on the lives of young individuals.

Furthermore, Griffin has been actively involved in community outreach programs, organizing events and activities that promote health and wellness. He has hosted youth football camps, encouraging physical activity and teaching valuable skills to aspiring athletes. Griffin’s commitment to community engagement and philanthropy exemplifies his dedication to making a difference and positively impacting the lives of others.

Estimated Net Worth and Future Outlook

Estimated Financial Worth and Future Prospects Robert Griffin III, known as RGIII, has an approximate net worth of $16 million. Throughout his NFL career, Griffin earned a total of $33 million in salary and also amassed a significant amount through endorsements. However, his financial worth is subject to change in the future depending on his endeavors and investments.

Currently, Griffin has transitioned into a career as a college football and NFL analyst for ESPN. His multi-year contract with the network provides him with a platform to showcase his football knowledge and insights. While Griffin’s role as an analyst offers stability and financial security, he has expressed his desire to continue playing football if the opportunity arises. This suggests that he may still have plans to return to the field and potentially earn additional income as a player.

Considering Griffin’s athletic prowess and exceptional talent, it is possible that he could secure a contract with a team in the future. However, his future prospects in football depend on his ability to overcome injuries and regain his form as a quarterback. Regardless of his future endeavors, Griffin’s achievements in the NFL and his reputation as a notable figure in professional football will continue to contribute to his overall financial worth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Robert Griffin Iii’s Current Job or Occupation?

Robert Griffin III is currently working as a college football and NFL analyst for ESPN. He signed a multi-year deal with the network in August and continues to provide insights and showcase his football knowledge in his role as an analyst.

How Many Super Bowl Championships Has Robert Griffin III Won?

Robert Griffin III has not won any Super Bowl championships in his football career. While he had success in college and played in the NFL, he has not been a part of a team that won the Super Bowl.

What Is Robert Griffin Iii’s Highest Single-Season Passing Yardage?

Robert Griffin III’s highest single-season passing yardage was 3,203 yards in his rookie season with the Washington Redskins in 2012. This achievement highlights his ability as a quarterback and showcases his talent on the field.

Has Robert Griffin III Ever Considered Coaching or Becoming a Football Commentator?

Yes, Robert Griffin III has expressed interest in coaching or becoming a football commentator. He has already started his career as an analyst for ESPN, where he showcases his football knowledge and insights.

How Does Robert Griffin Iii’s Net Worth Compare to Other NFL Quarterbacks of His Generation?

Robert Griffin III’s net worth compared to other NFL quarterbacks of his generation is relatively high, with an estimated value of $16 million. However, it may be lower than some of the top-earning quarterbacks in the league.


In conclusion, Robert Griffin III has had a successful career in the NFL, earning a net worth of $16 million through his salary and endorsements. Despite facing challenges and injuries, Griffin’s accomplishments, including winning the Heisman Trophy and leading the Washington Redskins to a division title, solidify his place as a respected figure in professional football. Through his off-field ventures and philanthropy, Griffin has made a positive impact beyond the football field.

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