Shin Lim Net Worth

Shin had made his career as a magician. He is a Canadian and an American magician. He used his cards to manipulate the people in his magic tricks. He is very well known for his magic tricks and daily magic routines. His magic was self-taught to him. He learned the magic tricks by watching Social Media on Youtube. On YouTube, he had also shared the techniques of his charm.

Shin Lim’s Early Life

When Shim was born, he was named Liang Shun Lim. He was brought down on this earth on 25th September 1991. But more professionally, he is known as Shin Lim. In his family, he was the second child. He had two siblings in his family. He holds the ancestry of Han Chinese. But he was brought down in the land of Vancouver. There, his father was completing his studies. His father was studying post-graduation studies. Then he had shifted to Singapore. When he was two years, his family shifted to Acton Massachusetts. At the age of eleven, he had done his schooling from the Acton Boxborough Regional High school. From his childhood, he had an interest in music. From childhood, his grandmother had presented him with the Violin. But he was not Impressed with Violin and smashed the violin. Then he had taken an interest in the Piano. Then he had done the graduation from high school from that school. After his high school studies, he had completed his graduation from Lee University. In that university, he majored in Piano and telecommunications. He was also a member of the Choral Union Ensemble.

Shin Lim’s Career

When he was small, he was very much interested in magic in his childhood. He had elder brother Yi used to show him the Card trick. He used to take the lessons from his Elder brother. He used to learn the gag from his Brother. He had started to get knowledge of the magic tricks. He used to perform on Youtube. This social media became the platform to encourage his skills. When he was only 20 years old, he was diagnosed with Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. When he was in school, he had to spent minimum time of 20 hours. Therefore he had to decide on to between in the magic and musical career. Therefore he had selected his magical career and took interested and career in that only. He had participated in the Federation Internationale Des Societes Magiques world championship. In that championship, he was in sixth place. When he had opted for the magician career, he was still in doubt. So in the year 2013, he had reached out to the agent in the World Championship. In the year 2015, he had won the championship of the Internationale Des Societies Magiques World Championship. After winning the tournament, he didn’t get the chance to get the million-dollar price but got the opportunity for getting into the limelight of talent. 

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Shin Lim’s Personal life

He holds the nationality of both the countries of Canadian and American. He got hitched with Casey Thomas. She called him while she was performing in the Theatre. They got connected on 19th August in 2019.

Net Worth

He holds a net worth of $6 million, which he had gained from the magical performance he used to perform. 

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