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Jason Shannon Acunais professionally recognized as Wee Man. He is a television personality, actor, stunt performer, and skateboarder based in America. Wee Man is one of the top-notch personalities of Jackass. He is also known for his hosting skills and has hosted the skateboarding show of Fox Sports Net. He is recognized as a professional skateboarder, but he became famous in every house after his MTV show named Jackass.

He has Achondroplasia’s problem; it causes dwarfism and is a genetic disorder, but the short stature of his didn’t hold back his career.

Early Life

Wee was born in 1973 on 16th May in Italy. He was born in Italy but was raised in California and is of Mexican and German descent. He is of Italian ethnicity. Acuna completed his studies at North High School. Big Brother, the well-known skateboard magazine, chose Jason Acuna as their subscription manager. Through this magazine, Jason got the opportunity to get involved in television series. He later becomes one of the prominent members of Jackass.

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Career Beginnings

After joining Jackass, Acuna got the opportunity to appear in TV series named Armed and Famous in 2007. He also appeared in the MTV show Scarred Live as a host in the same year. Acunawas asked to do the Celebrity Circus, and he then appeared on one season of Celebrity Circus by NBC. In competition, he trained himself and later became the only contestant to get the perfect average score. He then finished the season by coming in third place.

Acuna is one of the most prominent investors of Mexican restaurants in the chronic chain of tacos. He got encouraged and opened his franchise in 2010 in California. He didn’thave success in his location and later closed the franchise permanently, but later, he again opened a Tacos franchise in another location in California. In 2012, he was starred in a holiday firm named Elf-Man, in which he played the role of the title character. His role in the holiday film became his first role in a family feature film.

Personal Life

Jason doesn’t love sharing his life updated with media and loves to keep his life a secret. It is not confirmed if he is single or is married. In 2009, Jason was noticed holding hands with a lady from Beverly Hills. He has shared many pictures with otherladies as well, but there is no confirmation. One news also stated that Jason Acuna is going to be a father, but his unborn child was known to be dead due to some mishappenings. Acuna later broke up with his girlfriend because of a miscarriage.

Net Worth

The estimated net worth of this American actor and TV host is approximately $8 million. He earns his salary by doing films and television series. He has done some notable works, which include Jackass 3D, The Same, and Elf-man. His MTV reality show titled Jackass rose him to fame, and he earned most of his net worth from that show.

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