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William Nathaniel Phillips is professionally recognized as Bill Phillips. Bill is a renowned author and entrepreneur based in America. He wrote the famous book “Body for Life: 12 weeks to Mental and Physical Strength” and Mike D’Orso. Bill has written multiple books, and he is also the former editor-in-chief and founder of a magazine titled Muscle Media and CEO of a nutritional supplement company named EAS. Bill Phillips has authored some other booths, including Transformation, The Natural Supplement Review, Anabolic Reference Review, and more. Bill has also worked on producing a promotional movie titled Body of Work that was filmed in Las Vegas. The latest book of Phillips was released in 2010, titled “Transformation: The Mindset You Need. The Body You Want. The Life You Deserve”.

Early life

Golden, Colorado, is the birthplace of Bill Phillips. He was born in 1964 on 23rd September. Bill was raised by his mother named Suzanne and his father named William Phillips Sr. along with his sister named Shelly and brother named Shawn. His father worked quite hard for Coors Brewing Company along while taking the law. Williams also joined Coors as a corporate analyst, but later, he quit to do his practice in a law firm. Bill worked along with his dad at EAS.

In 1982, Bill started bodybuilding, and later, he shifted to Southern California to get trained at Gym Venice beach. He admits that he was on steroid use that helped him grow to 215 lbs. He didn’t have success being a bodybuilder, and therefore he shifted to Colorado, where he joined the University of Colorado. He joined the University to gain further understanding of exercise physiology and sports nutrition by emphasizing steroids knowledge. As soon as he completed his studies, he began to publish his career.

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Career beginnings

In 1985, Bill started Mile High Publishing, where he published small newsletters regarding anabolic steroids to teach bodybuilders about their usage. The entire newsletters were printed in the garage of his mother. In 1991, Bill started working with research scientists and doctors to develop the best nutrition products that will helpful for bodybuilders or athletes to get fat-burning and muscle-building effects from those products and their workouts.

After few years, in 1992, Bill moved out from his parents’ home and changed the name of publications to Muscle Media 2000. The newsletters were printed of frank discussions of bodybuilders on how to use steroids. His magazine was debuted in 1992, and it featured Lee Labrada, the famous bodybuilder, on the magazine’s cover page.

Bill Phillips even started writing and promoting his books through publishing companies, and even some of his books got highly popular worldwide.

Personal life

Bill Phillips married Marie Pereira in 2012 in a small ceremony. There aren’t any details about his parents and children.

Net worth

The estimated net worth of Bill Phillips is estimated to be $5 million. The main source of his income is writing, as in this entire journey, he has released some amazing books, and he is known to be a successful writer.

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