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However, the virtual currency itself is dependent on both parties playing the game. Since settlement with virtual currency is not yet widespread, it cannot be used unless it is converted into legal currency.

The best will probably be issued by so-called central banks and Net Gulliver as well, if a certain legal system is developed in each country and it becomes possible to issue virtual currencies with legal basis. If that happens, we will acquire large assets as a social infrastructure.

There is a certain dilemma. However, for users, “safety” is the biggest advantage. From last year to this year, I have been in a calm situation, and I think that is becoming more and more of a trend.

Virtual currencies suddenly become “real currencies”: So, what are the advantages of virtual currencies that are different from legal currencies?

Virtual currencies can overwhelm the funding cycle overwhelmingly

Since you can settle faster than income and credit settlement and reduce commissions, there is a great merit in issuing and distributing coins in-house.

In other words, the point system that many companies are now using is also a type of token. That’s why Mercari and LINE have announced their entry. Financial institutions that have credit and income agency companies in their own groups may find it difficult to take a stance, but Mitsubishi UFJ Bank plans to issue its own virtual currency called “coins” in 2019.

I think that is because it is considered as one of the options including debit payment etc., considering the practicality of the customer. In that way, we believe that it is highly likely that it will spread all at once, as the number of virtual currencies circulating in the past year or two will increase.

In that case, the virtual currency market will continue to expand. What are the strengths of DMM bitcoin? Get detail from bitcoin rush official site

 After all, we are entrusted with the assets of our customers, so one of the asset classes is to be able to continue transactions safely and securely. We have the financial know-how we have cultivated for a long time with our group company, Securities, and we operate our services much more conservatively than other venture companies, so we have great confidence in our security and internal control systems. I’m waiting.

We also have thorough risk management and functionality in leveraged transactions, and we think that customers with higher transaction frequencies will experience better usability.

However, it is still a situation where many people are still on the sidelines. What are the merits of starting a virtual currency at the current timing?

It’s not my personality to say, “I’ll make money” at times like this (laughs). In the first place, finance is a zero-sum game (the sum of everyone’s gains is always zero), so some people make money while others do not.

However, as I mentioned earlier, the number of virtual currencies will increase over the past year or two, and their value will be fixed. We would like to provide as many stocks as possible of virtual currencies that will be used for a long time as a social infrastructure, and to become a highly reliable exchange.

I heard a lot of stories, but what will happen to virtual currencies from now on?

I think it will be widely used as a social infrastructure. It will become a kind of virtual currency EC platform, such as “I want this currency now” “I want to sell because I could not use this currency”, and it will be a form that P2P exchange can be done at an individual level. I think that the platform will become more lifestyle-based, with product sales and auctions.

There are various services and contents in the DMM Group

That’s right. At least in the next fiscal year, we would like to provide a tool that allows us to manage secret keys only with our Smartphone, in the sense of strengthening P2P. If the market and technology evolve in this way, the assets, rights, and information that one has may be stored in a distributed ledger, and it may be possible to call it with a personal Smartphone.

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