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Antoine Fuqua Net Worth

Antoine Fuqua had also made his career as an actor, director, and producer. He had done many kinds of cinema. He had done many music videos, and some had gained much popularity. He had done his work with Toni Braxton, Coolio, Stevie Wonder, and Prince. He had started his career in the film section a very long time. But he gained his popularity by giving the film’s direction, known as Training Day.

Antoine Fuqua’s Early Life

Antoine Was brought down on this earth on 19th January 1966. He was brought down on this earth on the land of Pittsburgh, which is in Pennsylvania, US. He was taken birth of Carlos Fuqua and Mary Fuqua. He had made his career under the production line of Harvey Fuqua. Fuqua had even paid to the screenwriter whose name is Shinobu Hashimoto. He used to collaborate with Akira Kurosawa. When he was only 15 years old, he got his first chance to act. He had to face violence in his workplace. He had done his studies in electrical engineering. He had high confidence to get into the Army and serve the country. He wishes to be in the flying section of the military.

Antoine Fuqua’s Career

He had made his career by directing music videos. He collaborated with many artists such as Toni Braxton, Stevie Wonder, and Prince. He had also given the direction for the music video. He had done the Michelle Pfeiffer video, known as Gangsta Paradise. Later that time, the album was used in the film, known as Dangerous Minds. He usually works as a film director. In an interview, he said that Kurosawa mainly inspired him. He is greatly inspired by Kurosawa based on Film-maker. He had worked with Akira Kurosawa and Hideo Oguni. He was also featured in some movies such as “The Replacement Killers”; other artists were Chow Yun Fat. He had done the Bait, which was released in the Year 2000. He had done some directions in some of the thr movies such as The Replacement Killers, Bait, Training Day, Tears of the Sun, King Arthur, Shooter, The Equalizer, Southpaw. He had done the production in some movies, such as Rob Peace which was released in the head 2020, Bullet Train, which was released in 2022. He had done some the documentary Movies such as Bastard Of the Party, Forever Brothers, American Dream, What’sWhat’s my Name Muhammad Ali and many more. He had done some of the music videos such as I Like The Girls, Love Taken Over, All I See, Saving Forever For You, and many more.

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Antoine Fuqua’s Personal Life

He got engaged with Lela Rochanin in 1998. The couple was married on 9th April 1999. They were blessed with Asia Fuqua, born on 28th July 2002. Then he was blessed with a son who was named Zachary.

Net Worth

He holds a net worth of $25 million which he had gained by directing and producing movies.

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