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Bill Graham, born name WulfWolodiGrajonca on the 8th of January 1931. Bill Graham was a 60 years old businessman alongside a musical impresario. Bill was died on the 25th of October in the year 1990 due to a helicopter crash. Bill Graham was primarily knowns as a rock concert promoter; all the more, he was the most famous concert promoter ever to be known. Bill graham blazed the trail of his career as a concert promoter in the year 1965. 

Graham inspired millions of people as a concert promoter. Below mentioned are some of the interesting facts that you should know about Bill Graham; let’s have a glance. 

Early life 

Bill was born and brought up in Berlin, Germany, and all the more bill graham belonged to a lower-middle-class family. Bill had five siblings, and he was the youngest of them; the early age bill graham was loaded with ups and downs as the genetical father of Bill died after few days of his birth, after these highs and lows, somehow bill graham managed to acquire a degree from the city college of new York, he attained his primary education from the Clinton school. 

Subsequent to his degree progression, graham joined in Army of the nation; all the more, he was a prominent participant in the war against the Republic of Korea. Graham performed ultimately well in the war and gained a few respectable badges and medals. 

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In order to pursue an all-embracing career, alongside meeting her elder sister, he immigrated to San Francisco, and the trip was the turning point for his career. Following the progression of attending a concert, he signed a deal with an explicit theater group of San Francisco, the core notion of signing a contract with the theater group is to render the legal fees of the entire group. 

The foremost concert organized by Bill was an ultimate hit, and he made a considerable profit with the entire team of that troupe. Bill considered a concert promoter as a hugely profitable opportunity, and he started making substantial profits in the concert promoter business; all the more, he promoted few free concerts. Conferring the records and facts, Graham was the owner of Fillmore records, and the artist signed by the graham records are as follows, cold blood, Rod Stewart, and few others.

However, the musical industry label records did not sound that promising to Graham as he confronted few financial complications while operating the music record. Subsequent to few losses in the industry of music, graham later moved to his pet business of concert promoting. By the end of 1973, graham announced the utmost large concert subject with an outdoor venue. 

The fact might amaze you that graham was starred in few movies correspondingly; he played a few prominent roles of his profession, a concert promoter in the explicit film, all the more he portrayed a character in the apocalypse now, he also started in the Bugsy movie. 

Net worth

The net worth of bill graham was $25 million at the instance of his death. 

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