Bill Superfoot Wallace Net Worth

Bill superfoot Wallace is one of the most famous American martial arts champions, or we can say that he is the living legend of martial arts and kickboxing. He started his career in martial arts as a point fighter in karate. You will be glad to know that bill has competed with the most excellent people such as Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, skipper Mullins and Joe Lewis.

He made a professional debut in kickboxing in the year 1972. after entering this arena, he got the world middleweight championship and was honorably retired as the undefeated champion after he made a terrific record of 23-0. Stenger has appeared in various motions pictures and mostly in films that are based on martial arts. He is still giving exhibitions and trading all around the world.

Early life

Wallace was born on 1 December 1945. His birthplace is Portland, Indiana, in unites states.  He was raised in the US only, and he began to get the training when he was in high school. Bill started to study judo in the year 1966, and the thing is that he was forced to leave his judo activities as he suffered from an injury in the right knee when he was practicing.

In the month of February 1967, the champion began to study Shorin Ryu karate under coach Michael Gneck, and at that time, he was serving for the US air force. Bill Has studied from the ball state university and earned a bachelorette degree in physical education in the year 1971. He has also got a master’s degree in kinesiology from a well-known university, which is Memphis state university, in 1976.

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Career beginning

His career started in this field in 1974 when he started to get coaching from the former fighter Jim ronin Harrison. Wallace had the potential, and he won 23 consecutive professional levels of fight in the time period of 1974 to 1980. He was so much famous for his fast leg kicks. After one year bill, Wallace turned into a professional and won the PKA middleweight karate championship by knocking out the opponent in the second round only. He resigned his crown in the year 1980, and that too undefeated.

You might not be aware of the fact that the superfoot was the phrase which was used by PKA president Done Uine for describing the performance of Wallace in his fights. In the year 1990, bill Wallace fought in his last exhibition kickboxing or karate match with his friend Joe Lewis. He has won so many fights and has acted in various movies also. Even after the retirement bill Wallace continues to be one of the finest martial arts famous figures. He has written three books which are all related to his karate and kickboxing skills. He was a previous associate of the presidential council on physical fitness.

Personal life

The status of bill Wallace is single, and there is no much information available about the personal life of bill Wallace.

Net worth

Bill superfoot Wallace has an estimated net worth of almost 700 thousand dollars. His primary source of income is his career in the field of martial arts and kickboxing.

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