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Jeff Wittek Net Worth

Jeffery’s birth name is Jeffery R. Wittek. He was brought down on this earth on 15th April 1989. He had chosen the career as the Youtuber and comedian and the Podcaster. He had chosen the group of the David Dobrik vlog in the year 2018. He was a famous YouTuber with having a million followers on Youtube.

Early Life

Jeff’s birth name is Jeffrey R. Wittek. He was put down on this earth on 15th December 1989. He had cried for the first time in the land of New York, which is present in the US. He had done his schooling at Susan E.Wagner High School. He used to work hard in his childhood to earn little money. He used to work in a barbershop. Besides working in the shop, he used to sell drugs to earn his living. He had shifted to another place for livelihood. He had gone to place Miami, which is present in Florida. He was arrested for taking the drugs. He was arrested in the year 2011. He was arrested for taking marijuana and cocaine. He was also arrested for selling throughout the borders. He was left from jail due to the unfound evidence from the police. He again shifted to Los Angeles.


He had started his Youtube channel in 2011. He was known as Tumblr because he was known for that. He has kept his channel as Tumble from the year 2012. After the shoot, he used to make the hair of artists such as Mac Miller and Pauly D. He got more fandom after 2014. After he got famous, he had brought the 1600 vine apartment. Through, Youtube he had met with different artists. He met with Another YouTube, whose name is Dobrik. He had also shot the talk show Jeff Barbershop, which was aired in 2019. He was the prominent ambassador for the brand Old Spice. He had gained his 100k in a short time. Within a short time, he had achieved the 1 million. At present, he has reached the milestone of 3 million pathways. He had got his 300 million in his youtube channel. He had collaborated with many artists such as David Dobrik, Casey Neistat, Jason Nash, Liza Koshy, Josh Peck. He got injured while shooting for Utah with the Dobrik and their vlog Squad. The accident was massive; he got fractured in his skull. He had created an account in which he had gained many followers of 37,000. This makes him the fastest most followed in the 18+ platform.

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Personal Life

While he was starting his career, he was with another actress Cierra Ramirez. They both date together from the year 2015. Now he is more concrete in his career and his videos.

Net Worth

He holds a total net worth of $2 million. He gained from the Youtube content and the shooting for the album.

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