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Tommy Wiseau Net Worth

Everyone wants to be famous for his excellent work, but some people gain fame for their poor work, and Tommy Wiseau is one of them. Tommy is a European Actor and filmmaker, but he is famous for the film ‘The Room,’ which he wrote, directed, produced, and acted in too. The film was terrible and was even marked as some of the worst films ever made by experts and critics. His film’s significant failure made him earn a lot of fame as everyone wanted to know the person behind one of the worst films in history. He also directed some documentaries and Sitcom such as ‘The neighbors’ and ‘Homeless in America.’

Tommy’s life is a big secret as no one has enough knowledge about his life, earnings, background, etc. So, there are several speculations and beliefs made by people about the European actor and filmmaker. In 2013, A book was launched depicting the life of Tommy behind the camera.

Early life

Tommy has never revealed much about his early life but is he have a look at some of his interviews; he said that he was born in France and grew up in Louisiana. According to him, his whole family lived in New Orleans, Louisiana. He is reported to be born in 1968 or 1969, so according to that, he must be 52 or 53 years old. In a documentary based on Wiseau, it was claimed that he belonged to a city named Poznan. In 2017, Wiseau himself confirmed that he is from Europe but spent most of his life in America, so he is also a proud American.

Wiseau lived in Louisiana in the starting, but he shifted to San Francisco later on. In San Francisco, he worked as a street vendor selling toys. He mainly sold bird toys, which earned him his nickname ‘The Birdman.’

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Career beginning

Wiseau is highly inspired by actors such as Marlon Brando and James Dean. His first film, ‘The Room,’ was released in the year 2003 with a budget of $6 million. It was based on a novel and performed terribly in the cinemas. It received poor reviews from the critics and was termed as a ‘cult classic.’ People who came to watch it in cinemas left it by throwing bottles and cutleries on the screen. He also played roles in TV series known as The Neighbours.

Personal life

 His full name is Thomas P Wiseau, but he goes with the name Tommy Wiseau. Wiseau is highly confidential when it comes to his personal life as he believes that there must be some gap between professional life and personal life. He stated in an Interview in 2016 that Greg Sesetro is his best friend. He can speak French fluently and claims that he is Catholic. In 2020, he was ordered by the court to pay $550000 and $200000 as compensation for the damage that occurred to the makers of ‘Room Full Of Spoon’ as Wiseau tried to block the release of it.

Net Worth

Tommy Wiseau Net Worth hovers around $500000. He didn’t have a bright career as the slope of his career went downwards.

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