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Bernie Bickerstaff Net Worth

Bernie Bickerstaff, full name Bernard Tyrone Bickerstaff was born on the 11th of February in 1944. He is a professional basketball coach serving for Cleveland Cavaliers for many years. Rather than just being a senior advisor of the Cleveland Cavaliers, the player has served many renowned NBA teams as a professional head coach. Some of those teams are Denver Nuggets, Seattle Supersonics and Washington.

Moreover, there are plenty of other teams with Bernie Bickerstaff as the head coach in the past. The fact might amaze, but yes, the American coach has also served as an assistant for Trail Blazers. Rather than just being a coach, he also worked for many basketball channels as a TV analyst.

Early life 

Bernard Tyrone Bickerstaff was born on the 11th of February in 1994 at Benham, Kentucky. Bickerstaff faced many issues in his childhood due to his colour and appearance. Moreover, he was a victim of racism until he completed his schooling. Bickerstaff completed his high education from the Benham High school and later moved to Cleveland in 1961. Family and other relatives of Bickerstaff suggested that he join civil services as he was pretty fit and rough, but he was enormously passionate about the sport.

 He decided to join the basketball college, but due to his appearance and complexion, he was again a victim of racism. The player had to leave the Rio Grande College basketball team just due to racial aspects. The passion of Bickerstaff towards the sport again pulled him on the field. After few months, he joined another basketball college, and the player did some wonder in the team as he was named the most valuable player in a match.

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Beginning of career 

Bickerstaff begins his career as an assistant coach at a very young age. The player was acquired by his coach, Phil Woolpert as an assistant coach. Bickerstaff performed exceedingly phenomenal as an associate coach and impressed everyone with his coaching skills. He was just 25 years old when he first got an opportunity as a head coach. The University of San Diego signed the player for four years, and later, he joined the Washington Bullets as an assistant coach in 1973

Bickerstaff was the coach of washing bullets till 1985. He served almost 11 years as an assistant coach to the team Washington bullets. Later he was signed by another franchise, named Lenny Wilkens, In 1985 as a head coach. Bickerstaff displayed his essential coaching skills in the team as the team reached the Conference Finals’ finals. Bickerstaff has been the coach of many international as well as domestic teams in his entire coaching career.

Mike Brown, along with Bickerstaff, was signed to guide the team Los Angeles, but due to some personal reasons, Bickerstaff was the team’s head coach for few matches. After few days, the team appointed a new coach named Mike D’Antoni. Bickerstaff is now serving as the Senior advisor of team Cleveland Cavaliers

Net worth

Bickerstaff is a senior professional advisor of the team Cleveland Cavaliers, having a net worth of 20 million dollars.

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